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Africa and Africans: Program

Africa and Africans: From the Origin of Humanity to the Renaissance of the 21st Century - Contribution to International Dialogue, Endogenous Development and Sustainable Peace


In 2015, it is a question of seeing how to enable future African leaders, still locked up in training and teachings that systematically erase the memory of themselves and the prowess of their ancestors to turn them into intellectual and spiritual genocides, yes it is a question of enabling African youth and other nationalities to achieve teachings of excellent quality, free from falsification on scientific knowledge and the evolution of history. To create a Centre of Excellence to train future African and foreign leaders, conscious and masters of their own environment but open to the world and modern inventions, leaders capable of ensuring lasting peace on the continent and promoting stable endogenous development, respectful of the immutable laws of the universe, this is the challenge to be taken up. This centre of excellence must host a forum for permanent international dialogue on the spot here in Cameroon, allowing creators of the spirit of any kind and any country to express themselves brilliantly in an African space of world renown. This is the meaning of the 2015-2022 programme, a programme designed in seven projects that should make it possible to safeguard and consolidate the heritage and accompany Africans and every citizen of this world in the march of an Africa in rebirth in the 21st century, an Africa committed to a world conscious of the common destiny of humanity. Overcoming the short-term calculations of governments, overcoming the short-sighted selfishness of nations and understanding that the world of the 21st century needs communion of peoples, inter-connectivity, solidarity for the global progress of humanity, and that peace, peace for all and for everyone is not a slogan, but an urgent necessity to save the human being who has become like a madman, a lunatic in many of his attitudes today. It is necessary to save the human being from a programmed earthly disaster. The bomb of mass destruction must be defused by an education free of falsification, an education of excellence for a world of solidarity, and the establishment of a permanent international dialogue starting from where humanity was born, from the African continent. These are the major challenges that the AfricAvenir International Foundation intends to address through a seven-year programme articulated in eight projects...

Africa and the Africans: from the Earth of Humanity to the 21st Century Renaissance

Contribution to International Dialogue, Endogenous Development and Sustainable Peace

Program of Fondation AfricAvenir International, Bonabéri-Douala, Cameroon, 2015-2022

Project 1 (3 Years Program)

Preservation and Transmission of Africa’s Collective Memory

Project 2 (2 Years Program)

Awareness and Capacity Building - Education through Entertainment with Films and Videos and Production of Community’s Short Films (with a special focus on films from African and African Descent Filmmakers)

Project 3 (3 Years Program)

African Scientific and Cultural Legacy and Innovations

Cultural & Scientific Heritage Economic & Financial Traditions and Innovations

Industrial & Technological Innovations of Africans, People of African Descent and outstanding international scholars With a monthly “International Brainstorming in Innovation” Program

Project 4 (2 Years Program)

Rehabilitation, Extension, Digitalization and online-service of the Cheikh Anta Diop Library at the Foundation AfricAvenir International’s Headquarter in Douala

Project 5 (2 Years Program)

Building Rehabilitation and Extension to a 5 Stores Building devoted to the whole program at the Head Quarter in Bonabéri-Douala


Africa and the Africans: from the Earth of Humanity to the 21st Century Renaissance - Contribution to International Dialogue, Endogenous Development and Sustainable Peace

Project 6 (1 Years Program)

Building of a Ngousso-Yaoundé Branch of the AfricAvenir International Foundation for Research and Training at the International Centre of Excellence

Project 7 (5 Years Program)

Establishment of an International Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Research to Train Future Leaders in Central Africa - Master/PhD Program in “Leadership Management in African Affairs” (Cameroon, Bonabéri-Douala; Ngousso-Yaoundé) 2015-2020

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The AfricAvenir International Foundation is an International Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization based in Douala, Cameroon, whose objective is to work for the African Renaissance, Endogenous Development, International Cooperation and Sustainable Peace. Founded in 1986 by its promoter the Prince and Professor Kum'a Ndumbe III.

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