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Our correspondent in South Korea

AfricAvenir International Foundation (Dr Su Kyung Han, Seoul, South Korea)

Our correspondent in South Korea, Dr. Su-Kyung Han, has been a follower of the philosophy and work of the AfricAvenir International Foundation since we met at the Frankfurt Book Fair ten years ago. The foundation's work is relayed through its web page mygreennems.com in South Korea. The articles published by Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III and some of our authors are translated into Korean in the Journal of Political Criticism published by The Korean Association for Political Criticism. Dr Su-Kyung Han has also given lectures and workshops at the Doctoral School "Heritage & Innovations" in Douala-Bonabéri in 2016.

The AfricAvenir International Foundation (Ms. Mautner/Prince)

Algeria (reconnect)

All over the world, the AfricAvenir International Foundation is in contact with numerous correspondents and supporters who support its activities both financially and intellectually. This is, for example, the special case of Algeria which, although it has no representation of AfricAvenir International, remains in close cooperation with the foundation. The exchange at the scientific level is very intense between the foundation and Algerian intellectuals; this collaboration has for example manifested itself through the Prince's contribution to the NAQD, La Revue d'Etude et de Critique Sociale, whose contact details are as follows:

Site Web : www.revue –naqd.org

Adresses email : revue.naqd@gmail.com


Directeur fondateur : Said Chikhi (1991-1993)

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The AfricAvenir International Foundation is an International Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization based in Douala, Cameroon, whose objective is to work for the African Renaissance, Endogenous Development, International Cooperation and Sustainable Peace. Founded in 1986 by its promoter the Prince and Professor Kum'a Ndumbe III.

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