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Sawa Traditions


Tradition Sawa - Our Customs 1920-1930: coming soon!

"Nyambe is the name of God. Dibenga is the name attributed to the Creator". The people of yesteryear knew Nyambe, they worshipped and honoured it through their understanding and awareness of the time. There were no special temples known to be dedicated to his worship, but they enjoyed great grace with Nyambe the Eternal who answered their prayers to him, thus strengthening their faith and their worship.  They knew that it was Nyambe who created all things, each creature belonging to a specific kingdom being endowed with a strength specific to its species, strength given by Nyambe whose power rests on each kingdom and everything in it. The meaning of rites dedicated to the deities of the water is that one cannot pass over the wadis to beg Nyambe to provide for the fish, which are under the power of the wadis, according to the power that the latter have received from Nyambe to rule over the waters.  When this rite was practised, there was an abundance of fish all year round to such an extent that fishermen of several categories became rich. »

I thought a lot: all these precious things, if I published them in a book, wouldn't I have betrayed the secrets of the country? I have received, and so I transmit. But whoever gains access to all this knowledge should be careful, watch his conduct, fear the Creator and give supreme respect to the ancestors. Do not seek to do harm, do not shed blood, but build the country, bring peace, for the happiness of everyone in the country. These are a few little tips that I can give to anyone who accesses the knowledge contained in this book. 

Let the boat float on the waters, let each one grab his paddle, and gratefully receive what the ancestors have bequeathed to us.

Translated from the duala by Khéops Ndumbe Kum

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