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Propriété intellectuelle

The cassettes of the interviews of 176 old Cameroonians, witnesses of colonial history, have been the subject of a declaration of ownership by the AfricAvenir International Foundation (Donor), represented by Professor Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III, to the Civil Society for the Rights of Literature and Dramatic Arts (SOCILADRA).

Consequently, no Service Provider has any intellectual, artistic or industrial property rights over the works submitted or the finished works. If it were otherwise, it is agreed that this order entails the assignment of these rights to the Client without exception or reservation, the price of the assignment being included in the price of the service claimed above.

The rights and obligations arising from this contract may not be assigned in whole or in part by the Contractor, and copyright, distribution or multiplication rights or any other rights shall remain the property of the Client.

The Service Provider shall strictly refrain from any use, manufacture or exploitation, even partial, of the data submitted in an adapted or derived form, whether direct or indirect.

List of cassettes protected by SOCILADRA

pdfProtected cassete SOCILADRA


A douala, ancienne route de bonabéri au Cameroun et à l'international
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La Fondation AfricAvenir International est une Organisation Internationale non gouvernementale à but non lucratif basée à Douala au Cameroun et dont l’objectif est d’œuvrer pour la Renaissance africaine, le Développement endogène, la Coopération internationale et la Paix durable. Fondée en 1986 par son promoteur le Prince et Professeur Kum’a Ndumbe III.

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