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Digitalisation of old books

The international Africa's Collective Memory Project does not intend to stop there. It also aims to preserve 300 very old books written by European authors and published between 1848 and 1944. These old documents inform the reader about the birth of modern Cameroon. They are currently available at the Cheikh Anta Diop Library in Douala. However, their progressive deterioration shows the urgency and importance of their safeguarding. 

To save them, the AfricAvenir International Foundation, through the Africa's Collective Memory project currently underway, has set up a solid team of specialists to rehabilitate these books and preserve them from the devastating effects of mould and humidity. They are then stored in an appropriate space in the Cheikh Anta Diop Library where they will be available to the public. Finally, these 300 books are digitised in order to be put online for wider consultation. The result of this work will also be made available to libraries and similar institutions.


A douala, ancienne route de bonabéri au Cameroun et à l'international
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La Fondation internationale AfricAvenir est une organisation internationale non gouvernementale à but non lucratif basée à Douala, au Cameroun, dont l'objectif est d'œuvrer pour la Renaissance africaine, le développement endogène, la coopération internationale et la paix durable. Elle a été fondée en 1986 par son promoteur, le Prince et le Professeur Kum'a Ndumbe III.

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