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African Heritage and Restitution

Solemn declaration "PULL THAT FLAG DOWN! NO MAN BUY WE" Bring down your flag there, nobody bought us!

Douala, 28 August 2017 Solemn declaration " PULL THAT FLAG DOWN! NO MAN BUY WE " Take your flag down there, nobody...

Category: Rituals | Solemn declarations

Bonaberi declaration on dialogue and action for the restitution of african religious objects, art, manuscripts and documents of 28 august 2018

"We, participants in the Workshop on the restitution and circulation of objects of worship, art, manuscripts,...

Category: Rituals | Solemn declarations

Commemoration of LOCK PRISO BELL: "NO MAN BUY WE! "August 28, 1884

Bonabéri-Douala, August 28, 2014 LOCK PRISO BELL COMMEMORATION: " NO MAN BUY WE! "AUGUST 28, 1884 130 years ago:...

Category: Rituals | Solemn declarations

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The AfricAvenir International Foundation is an International Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization based in Douala, Cameroon, whose objective is to work for the African Renaissance, Endogenous Development, International Cooperation and Sustainable Peace. Founded in 1986 by its promoter the Prince and Professor Kum'a Ndumbe III.

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