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Africa’s Collective Memory

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For many years now ...

Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III, Professor Emeritus of Universities, began this work on the sources of African knowledge at the University of Yaounde in 1981. Dr. in History, Dr. in Germanic Studies from the University of Lyon II (1975), and holder of a habilitation in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin (1989), he has taught at these three universities and at the Catholic University of Lyon in France. Giving voice to the actors of history, to the coloniser (Hitler wanted Africa, 1980), but above all to the colonised (Quand les Anciens parlent ..., 2016) who are practically absent from the archives of African countries. Writing African history through African sources is his battle horse.

Director of the project : 

"Memories of the German Era in Cameroon", University of Yaoundé, 1981-1986

"Translation of fundamental texts from the German colonial period in Cameroon", University of Yaoundé, 1981-1987.

"Preservation and Transmission of Africa's Collective Memory - African Testimonies and Oral Literature in Early colonial History/ Part I: Contribution to Heritage Preservation by Cameroonian Witnesses to Colonial History throughout the Birth of Modern Cameroon - 1884-1916 (Germany in Cameroon) and 1920-1930 (France and Great Britain in Cameroon)", AfricAvenir International Foundation, 2015-2018.

Kum'a Ndumbe III, 2018: Our research team is greatly relieved to finally be able to publish the first results of testimonies recorded in the Central Region of Cameroon between 1983 and 1986. More than thirty years after these recordings, we are still looking for the majority of the cassettes recorded in the Central, Southern, Eastern and North-Western regions that remain untraceable. With this publication, we are launching an SOS to all those who may come across these cassettes recorded by the research team "Memories of the German Era in Cameroon" of the University of Yaoundé I, a multidisciplinary team based at the time at the German Department of the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Human Sciences, under the coordination of Professor Kum'a Ndumbe III. These recordings were made between 1981 and 1986 throughout Cameroon and the AfricAvenir International Foundation took it upon itself to transcribe, translate and publish these testimonies thanks to the support of the German Gerda Henkel Stiftung. We will render a great service to these old Cameroonians who have accepted to testify and write a page of history in our collective memory. Let us pay tribute to them by publishing their words!

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The AfricAvenir International Foundation is an International Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization based in Douala, Cameroon, whose objective is to work for the African Renaissance, Endogenous Development, International Cooperation and Sustainable Peace. Founded in 1986 by its promoter the Prince and Professor Kum'a Ndumbe III.

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